Friendship is weird…

You pick a human you’ve just met and you’re like “Yep, I like this one,” and you just do stuff with them.

Too True. Here are the two friends who are aware of my plans to exploit our friendships to the internet, lmao.

Presenting the best friend, the ride or die, the murder to my suicide…….



Since he firmly believes photographing him will steal his soul, here is a picture of a stick man. It’s an accurate depiction.

In the next couple of days, Geo will receive a little something in the mail to help his post-grad rut. Will he participate in this game I’ve set up? Who knows?



Next up:



That beautiful princess on the left is the stubborn but ever-loving (naturally a Taurus) Yolanda!

I may rally more troops as I get more comfortable with this, but for now, this is my chosen team to conquer the world with! I’ve already got something in store for Geo, but what game shall Yoli and I play? I feel like I’m starting to sound like the Saw movies (woops).


A Fellow Human

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