Started at the bottom…

And I’m still at the bottom! Haha, just kidding (but only a little bit…)

In front of me sits a journal that I love the design of, but in three years, has only been written in no more than ten times. (Eek) So, the first post I’d like to see on here is……

My 2016 New Year Resolutions!

Granted it’s August, and there’s still a few more months until it’s really time to pull these out, but it’s probably good to recap on how the year is going so far! It’s not yet January so no checking items off the list yet, but let’s see how we’re doing…


[   ] Listen to more music Doing pretty good! I’m adding more music to my phone every day and I can even confidently say my favorite song has finally changed after five uncontested years.

[   ]Take Time For Self I was doing well with this in Michigan during senior year, but living back home in a three bedroom house with six people….not so much. That will require some strategy.

[   ] Learn To Love Myself Also doing very well! It’s been years since I’ve been so genuinely comfortable with my personality and who I am. Obviously this is a life time struggle, but I’ve got the upper hand currently.

[   ] Enjoy the Last of Senior Year That was difficult, considering my brain had never hurt so much, and I think there’s still a permanent butt print on my favorite chair at the school library. This one just depends on how I look at it.

[   ] Start Healthier Habits Awesome!….for a while! Being back home means access to mom’s homemade cooking as well as no real space to continue my Daily Burn workouts. I should mend that.

[   ] Try new things Well, I mean, When in Rome…..

[   ] Graduate with a job Ha!

[   ] Make new friends Can I consider my work friends in Michigan whom I may never see again? Well I’m gonna! Miss them a lot!

[   ] Be Positive I have my moments, but then again, don’t we all…

[   ] Year Of Me TBD

I think some good progress is well underway.


A Fellow Human

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