14 Ways To Force Your Friend To Have Fun

A Challenge has been made and accepted! Introducing Geo’s Challenge:

The List!

The List

The tasks are:

  1. Hug Someone Named Taylor
  2. Talk in an accent all day long
  3. Chinese Fire Drill
  4. Go To A History Museum
  5. Explore somewhere outside you’ve never been
  6. Create a  playlist for the soundtrack of your life if it was a movie
  7. Watch a black and white movie
  8. Sleep outside
  9. Bake a pizza from scratch
  10. Record a conversation you have with yourself (must be at least 10 minutes)
  11. Set up an elaborate prank on a family member
  12. Write a legitimate short story (must be at least 5 pages long)
  13. Dance in your underwear blasting classic karaoke tunes
  14. Write down three things you love about your life right now

Before you ask, yes, I did borrow this idea from Morgan Matson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone.” =) Geo has accepted this list and will send updates on his progress. Let the games begin!

Now…Yolie’s challenge has been sent…will she accept? Find out next post on……Jk, this isn’t Survivor. =P


A Fellow Human

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