Here’s To The Lonely Misfits Who Aren’t Actually Lonely

There’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely.

Call us introverts, loners, outsiders, whatever you want, but don’t call us lonely. I don’t understand when being alone became such a bad thing, when in fact, it has to be one of the most amazing highs you could ever feel.

I’m not saying it’s not good to be around friends and family. I absolutely love everyone I let into my life, and each individual has built me into the person I am today, by sharing themselves with me. It’s because of that, that I love being by myself.

I think it’s in those moments where you have no one to talk to but yourself and God that you get these moments of brilliant clarity that define who you are and how you view the world. Without the distractions of what someone else might think of you around, you’re free to just be and enjoy the best parts of yourself.

It’s a pretty amazing thing to learn who you really are and suddenly realize the person you are is amazing. Now we’re not conceited, we’re not stuck up, as many people tend to believe. Just because we like to spend time with ourselves doesn’t mean we think we’re better than everyone else.

If you’ve noticed, growing up, in order to keep certain relationships strong even through distance and change, you have to really put in an effort to keep those relationships. It requires understanding, respect, no judgments, and a complete acceptance over the other person, who they are, and their flaws.


It’s no different with your relationship to yourself. We just like to take time to cater to our own needs and desires, give ourselves a chance to breathe and catch up with anything new.

When you appreciate yourself, and know yourself, including your flaws, you can appreciate others better, including their flaws. Suddenly a friend who is stubborn and hardheaded, can become a friend who is passionate about what they believe in and is willing to fight for that. Your conversations aren’t limited by jealousy or fear, instead you can talk about what you truly feel, and allow yourself to grow from that person’s true self that they shared with you. That’s what makes the strongest relationships.

In the end, you’re alone all the time anyway. So what if you happen to have a sea of people around you, talking to you? If you don’t actually know who you are and share that with people, then you become lonely.

Alone and lonely are not the same thing. I think people shouldn’t be scared to get to know the one person they’re going to have around for the rest of their lives – themselves.


A Fellow Human




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