How 3 Postgrads Stay In Touch In Spite Of Distance

It’s not easy to stay in touch after college once everyone goes their own way and starts living their life. The same effort that you had to put in to stay in touch with old high school friends now doubles in order to stay in touch with your college friends. At least with high school, everyone has to come back home at some time, maybe holidays or reunions, but if college was the only location you and your collegiate friends had in common, where do you go now?

Like all relationships, you have to actually make an effort to keep communication flowing, especially with long distance. I reside in central Texas, my friend Geo is in west Texas, and Yolie is in south Texas. If you know how big Texas really is, you know that we might as well be in different states. So earlier this year I created a little game of tasks for my friends to complete by the end of September, which allowed me to check up on them and see how it was going, and in my own way, deliver to them a lesson that I’m not physically around to tell them anymore.

Geo’s List Of Things To Accomplish So He Doesn’t Die Of Boredom!

The List Geo was always the person I called whenever I wanted to do something unconventional in school. He was always up for whatever random adventure I had in mind and never questioned what was mentally wrong with me, a quality I think more people should have. I wanted him to continue having that streak, and one day share with me the stories that he created completing these tasks. If left to his own devices, Geo may disappear into a vortex of Netflix and Moscato and miss out on a memorable adventure.

Remember to always try new things, Geo, and to keep on being adventurous. I know you’re unbelievably outgoing and yes, sometimes even obnoxious 😉 but even the smallest things can make for a fun time, so experience everything you can. Don’t wake up every morning and think about having to waste another day; wake up every morning and be excited about the possibility that today might be the day you look back on as the greatest day of your life.

Yolie’s Princess Inspiration Board

Photography AssignmentYolie is that person who will come running no matter where you are to kick your ass back in gear and remind you that if you’re lucky enough to be called her friend, then you better believe you’re an amazing person. She’s always been the friend I could call to talk about my insecurities, the lowest parts of myself that I couldn’t admit to anyone, let alone myself. She doesn’t judge, but lets you feel however it is you feel and then promptly make you feel a billion times better. She’s always taken care of me, taken care of everyone, and I want to make sure that she remembers to take care of herself as well.

You are such a strong and beautiful person, Yolie. Always remember that, because I’m scared that you might get so caught up in taking care of other people; friends and family, that you might forget to take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel, and to go after what you want. Find inspiration in yourself, because you are an inspirational person.

It’s not easy to stay in touch with friends, especially since change is an inevitable thing, but trust me, we’re good with change. As long as you honestly want to stay friends with someone, just do it. If you think of them, don’t hesitate to text them and let them know whatever random thought you had that reminded you of them. Don’t be afraid to reminisce on your favorite memories, and don’t forget to create new ones.

I may or may not continue sending spontaneous challenges out to people, depending on what I can think of, but it was important to me to do something with Geo and Yolie that was both fun and sort of cheesy, cause that’s honestly how I’d describe our friendships.

Want updates on how their challenges went? Stay tuned!


A Fellow Human


(P.S. we seriously need to take a picture together, how do we not have one of just us three?!)

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