The Soundtracks To Our Lives: What’s Your Favorite Song?

What a great honor it is to love a song so much that you’d pick it to be your favorite amongst the billions in the world. I know how hard it is to just pick one, but here’s ours and why they’re our current favorites. Have a listen, maybe discover new music, and while we’re at it, what’s your favorite, and why?

“Lovely Mess” – Boyce Avenue (My Pick)

Boyce Avenue gets the honor of being my favorite band, their covers are top notch but their originals are just unbelievably amazing. I’ve been lucky to see them live in Austin and Orlando, and I recently was going to go to their show in Dallas but a last minute complication made me return my ticket .😞

Lately, I’ve been dealing with things way beyond my maturity level, and this song has a way of calming me down. The lyrics, the instruments, it all combines into this epic ballad that has a way of strengthening you in a world that is far too crazy.

I thoroughly enjoy every song Boyce Avenue produces, but do yourself a favor and listen to their “Road Less Traveled” album, I promise you, you will get all the feels.

“Finally (Time and Space Machine Re-Edit)” – Cherry Ghost (My friend, Geo’s Pick)

There are so many songs that I like and I couldn’t pick just one. This song is my current favorite, it’s just got a really cool beat. I’ve never understood the actual lyrics, he’s kind of singing about this guy and a girl, and they’re just talking about life and how they meet. The lyrics are cool and all, but it’s the beat that I love. It’s really mellow and chill, and it helps me focus. Every time I run or go to the gym, it just gets me in the zone and makes me forget where I’m at or whatever I’m doing.

It just has a really sick beat. Everyone should listen to it because it’s magic, and if you don’t like it, you’re wrong (jk….but really). That is all.


Really, what would we do without music? It literally gives us something to physically hear that personifies the way we feel. There are a million great songs out there, which one is your favorite?


A Fellow Human

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