Halloween Horror: Conquering the Haunted Corn Maze

I watched Paranormal Activity once as a dare my junior year in college, and slept with the lights on for weeks. Even more pathetic, I made the friend who dared me to watch it to babysit me that first night #sorrynotsorry

Suffice it to say, I’m a huge scaredy cat, which is why everyone around me wondered if I was going crazy when I told them I wanted to go to a Haunted Corn Maze near Halloween. As a professional scaredy cat, Halloween is the one time during the year where it’s okay for me to be scared, even encouraged. After all, it’s all in good fun, and come on, what’s better than supporting a bunch of high school thespians hiding in a corn maze to hone their craft?

All October, I prepped myself for my big day. I watched 70’s slasher films (in broad daylight), read about some of the most haunted places in America, and researched the haunted lore of my hometown (turns out there’s a lot.) Then, this past Saturday, I dragged my two sisters out to the middle of nowhere to meet our doom.


The Robinson Family Farm offers a huge pumpkin patch, games, and the dreaded haunted corn maze. My sisters were nervous, while I was bouncing on my heels with excitement…until we climbed on top of the hay ride and I was separated from them, having to sit alone next to a Michael Meyers figure who just stared at me the entire ride.

Once the ride reached the entrance to the corn maze, I fumbled around in the dark, calling out for my sisters. I had promised them earlier that I wouldn’t push them in front of me, but I totally broke that promise.

You know that one person who screams bloody murder you almost think she’s faking it? Well that was me, and I was not faking it. The actors caught on that my sisters and I were a good target, and cornered us away from the other group, yelling at us, waving bloody knives, with little girls skipping around singing eerily.

Props to the high school and family actors, they did an amazing job at scaring me. I totally saw one actor whisper to another girl about how I was lagging behind my sisters, so she targeted me even more. Man, I bet they’re still laughing at my face.

By the time we reached the end of the maze, I literally shoved my little sister out of the way and ran out. Sorry little sis, nothing personal. -sheepish smile-


Overall, the haunted corn maze was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for the activities the Robinson Family Farm has planned for Christmas. Time to start getting ready for the Holidays!


A Fellow Human

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