Dirty Jokes Galore – A Regular Person’s Review of Fifty Shades Darker

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So there’s this movie, I’m not sure you’ve heard about it. It’s based off this one book and it has this guy and girl and there’s a whole bunch of raunchy sex scenes going on the entire time. It’s called Fifty Shades of something or whatever.

Just joking (obviously)! The newest installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey series just came out and I decided to post my totally unwanted and unwarranted average review about it. Fair warning, I never read the books, and I actually don’t remember if I fully watched the first movie. I only came to see Fifty Shades Darker because a friend of mine scored free passes to the Studio Movie Grille and invited my roommate and I to go.

Here’s my two cents.

An Average Moviegoer’s Review of Fifty Shades Darker

The first few minutes had me immediately begin to understand that Christian Grey is the way he is because of an extremely troubled past, which sets up the premise of the film. We then find Anastasia Steele wandering through life trying to get over whatever must have happened in the first film. Of course, this is a movie so that’s not gonna happen. Christian finds her and they agree to give their relationship another shot.

Honestly, I enjoyed watching this film. It could be because I’d been under a lot of stress lately and a margarita in my hand and a dreamboat like Jamie Dornan in front of me was just the right cure. I think the actors had pretty great chemistry (which I heard was a problem during the first movie), and they did amazing at delivering all the heavy emotions going on.

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While the sex scenes are front and center (and there are plenty of them to enjoy), I found myself more drawn in by the drama unfolding in this film. *Spoiler Alert But Not Really a Huge Spoiler* There is a work harassment incident that takes place that I think was written and acted out really well. When Ana ran out and broke down in Christian’s arms, I got a little choked up actually. Same goes for another scene where Christian is so frightened and heartbroken at the thought of Ana leaving him that he falls to his knees on the ground, followed by a pivotal scene where he allows Ana to touch his scars.

All of that being said, there were some scenes that were a little overkill. There were one too many dramatic subplots going on for me to keep track of – Christian’s childhood, Mrs. Robinson, Ana’s boss, Christian’s former sub, and to top it all off, a helicopter crash that didn’t make much sense to me. I understand in the grand scheme of the books, it probably all fits better together, but cinematically it was a bit overcrowded.

It’s also painfully obvious to me the parallels with the Twilight universe and how this story was previously a Twilight fanfiction (I was a Twi-hard in my teen years).

Photo from imdb.com

All in all, I enjoyed my time watching this film. It was a great night out for my friends and me, which was followed by a night of drinks and non-stop dirty jokes. If you’re not super into the idea of watching Fifty Shades Darker, go in with an open mind, and the desire to have fun.

Just for the love of God, please do not watch this movie with your parents.


-Wine on the Balcony ❤

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