Cause Chicken and Waffles is Really a Thing

And a delicious thing, if I might add (which I can, cause you know…it’s my blog sheepish smile). Anyway, I know chicken and waffles has always been a popular entree, but I’d never had the opportunity to actually order it at a restaurant and try it. However, at a farewell work lunch for my boss, we went to Ida Claire, a restaurant in Addison.

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I’d seen this restaurant so many times on my morning drive to work, but I had yet to visit – an oversight that I will not be making again. First of all, I LOVED the layout and design. It was an industrial space with exposed ventilation, red brick, and garage-style windows and doors, with a mystical/vintage feel. I didn’t get around to ordering a drink (cause you know, trying to be professional), but I can’t wait to go back and sample their specialty craft beers and imaginative cocktails.

Anyway, onto the main event – Chicken and Waffles! Can you even imagine how delicious a bacon-infused waffle with savory chicken tenders, black-pepper gravy, an over easy egg, and a splash of syrup is? For a breakfast lover like me, it was absolutely fantastic! The perfect combination of sweet and savory, that had me fighting to finish off the entire plate.


If you get the chance to try out this classic dish, definitely step up to the plate. It’s well worth it, believe me. Also, two thumbs way up for Ida Claire in Addison. I will definitely be returning.

Happy eating!

-Wine on the Balcony ❤

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