Birthday Resolutions: 10 Things I Want To Accomplish During 23

So, it’s official – today is my 23rd birthday. I’m certain that there are no major milestones with 23, but in the spirit of growth and reflection, I’ve decided to make a list of thing I want to accomplish in my 23rd year – call it my late new year’s resolutions.


  1. Quit Punishing Myself

Indeed, one of my worst qualities, I’ve tended to limit what I thought I deserved based on factors around me. I don’t have fun if I don’t feel I’ve earned it, and I don’t let myself feel happy if I feel that I’m not worthy of it. Maybe one day I’ll post the full story, but for right now, it’s a goal I’m setting but it will be one of the most difficult to achieve.


  1. Finish Decorating My Apartment

I’ve made plans since I was young on how I wanted my first grown-up space to look like, but I haven’t gotten around to it. My living room and dining room are still completely empty, my bedroom is nowhere near the industrial-theme dream I want it to be, and my beloved balcony is still completely sparse. I need to create a budget and decorating plan and actually get started!

  1. Reconnect (and Stay Connected) with Old Friends

Many of my college classmates, as well as old work buddies, and even some high school friends have settled in the DFW area just like I have, and we keep making vague plans to reunite that never actually happen. No more saying “maybe next week.” I should set a date and finally meet up with the people I miss.


  1. Explore My New Home

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately and haven’t had the energy to go out and explore the town. There’s a million cool bars, restaurants, museums, and parks around me and I’m dying to explore all of them. No more Netflix and Grub Hub (at least not all the time).

  1. Start Exercising

A goals list wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential weightless goal. I totally need to take this one seriously though. One: I actually love working out (or rather I like the endorphin rush after working out). Two: I miss being able to run up the stairs and not completely dying every time. Three: The odds are stacked up against me. Family medical history feels so much more inevitable now that I’m an adult. I need to do what I can to stay healthy well into my elderly years.


  1. Talk More at Work

I’m a shy person. Quick story time: the other day, I had a question for my supervisor, so I call out his name, and do you know what his response was? “SHE SPEAKS?!” It was just a joke, and I laughed appropriately, but I have had difficulty bonding with my older male co-workers in the office and I want that to change.

  1. Step Out of My Comfort Zone…Romantically

A little cheesy, I know, but I’m comfortable approaching romance by ogling my crush from afar and creating an entire fantasy relationship in my head before that crush inevitable goes away. I don’t want a relationship (they’re not kidding when they say you can be too busy for a relationship) but I do like the idea of being open to any opportunities that come along. No more ducking behind my more outgoing friends.


  1. Finish Paying Off Long-Standing Debts

Luckily I don’t have to worry about student loans just yet (but they’re coming). However, I did accumulate some credit card debt and financing debt while in college and I want to finally get out from under that before I really have to start hitting payments hard for student loans.

  1. Travel

Whether it’s the long-awaited Route 66 road trip to L.A. or finally flying out of the country to somewhere other than Mexico, I want to take a mind-blowing vacation (and pay for it without breaking out the credit card).


  1. Volunteer

I love my current job, but eventually, I want to get back to the non-profit sector and I know I have a better chance of that If I gain more experience and network. More than that though, I like the thought of making a difference. Who doesn’t? There’s many worthy causes to help in and I want to help them all and truly find my passion.

I’m excited (and wary) to officially be 23 and try to accomplish these. Are there any other February 24th birthdays out there reading this? Does anyone have any advice for budding 23 year olds? Leave a comment!


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2 Replies to “Birthday Resolutions: 10 Things I Want To Accomplish During 23”

  1. Happy Birthday!! I’m a Feb 22 baby myself, I just celebrated the end of 23 and start of 24! 23 is fun, it’s like you’re a toddler of the adult world so no one really expects much from you tbh. My best advice would be to embrace life. Definitely venture out of your comfort zone, it’s where the best things happen. Travel, reconnect with old friends, make new ones, try new things! I’m an introvert so I understand that it’s hard sometimes but looking back on my last year, those were some of the best memories I had. Best of luck with your goals and happy 23!!!

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