Now and Then: a Survey for Millennials

If you’re a twenty something now, then the 2000’s for you meant middle or high school. Do you ever have one of those moments where you find yourself remembering who you used to be and just completely face palm?

I do. Frequently.

However, I also frequently have those moments when I look back and think, “Man, those times were awesome!” So due to a flu-induced haze and viral videos on Facebook, I decided to create a fun survey to help us young whippersnappers remember who we were when we were younger and snappier.

Enjoy, and post your own answers in your own blog or in a comment.

Now and Then.

  1. Describe your overall look

Whatever outfit I can pull together that somehow resembles the mannequin from H&M. Whatever outfit I could pull together to look like Avril Lavigne or Haley Williams. Why did I ever think suspenders and cargo shorts would look cool?

  1. Favorite musician(s)

Boyce Avenue and Demi Lovato own me. I was obsessed with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and I almost passed out when I actually got to meet lead singer, Ronnie Winter.


  1. Favorite authors

Morgan Matson and Sarah Dessen all the way. Am I little ashamed? Yes. Will I still admit it? Yes. Stephanie Meyer. Do I still sometimes have Twilight movie marathons? Yes.

  1. Favorite TV shows

I need Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy to hurry up and come back on air. And I NEED to catch up on Hawaii Five O. I didn’t have cable for most of my youth, so it was a whole lot of PBS Kids, The Simpsons, and Moonlight on Friday nights!

the simpsons

  1. Favorite color

Blue, isn’t that the world’s favorite color? Red, like blood, cause I clearly liked drama.

  1. Celebrity Crush

Any of the handsome men who actually look like….well, men. Steven Strait. I straight up cried when I heard he was married. Because I apparently truly believed we belonged together.


  1. Type of Phone

An iPhone 6 with a cracked screen. Didn’t have a phone until I was 16, and it was a Wal-Mart flip phone.

  1. Style Icon

Laid back but cute like Emma Stone or Emma Watson…I guess any of the Emma’s. Haley Williams. Including wanting my hair to be exactly the same.

haley williams hair

  1. Dream Job

Marketing and community outreach for a non-profit. Photographer.

  1. What do you think of kids?

Not in the cards anytime soon, but who knows what will happen. Never. Ever. Don’t even joke about me having kids.

  1. What do you think of your parents?

Why won’t my mom call me back? I haven’t spoken to her in a full day! *dramatic whine* They just don’t understand me! I wish they’d leave me alone!

i want my mom

  1. Biggest regret

Something a lot deeper than my 15 year old self could ever even dream of.  Not circling Yes when my crush asked me out via note.

  1. Attitude

I have no idea what I’m doing. I know everything.

I have no idea what i'm doing


Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to read your own answers as well!

-Wine on the Balcony

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