My First Apartment: Project Making the Living Room Livable

A living room has so many jobs to fulfill – it’s a place to welcome, to gather and catch up with old friends, have movie nights with new ones, binge and watch Bridget Jones Diary, make out with your bar crush, read books, and work from home. The hardest part of making a living room for roommates though, is making it a room that is livable for both of you.

My roommate (best friend/ride or die from college) and I couldn’t have more opposite tastes, literally. While I have decided on an industrial, vintage, New York City vibe from my bedroom, he’s settled on a California, west coast, Pacific Ocean vibe for his. We’re literally east coast vs. west coast. As the community space, we struggled to come up with a décor theme for our living room that we both liked.

At first we thought, maybe we should meet in the middle of the coasts, and just focus on good old Texas. The thing is – rustic country is way overdone and not really either of our styles. We thought coffee/book shop theme, but we both didn’t want to part with our books to make one master library wall. We thought eclectic mess, but we knew our opinions were too different to ever settle on one anchor piece to tie it all together.

Finally, we decided on a theme – Vintage Hollywood! It combined the L.A. west coast he loved, with the vintage history I loved. However, we both didn’t want extreme Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes – albeit that would be beautiful. It needed to be somewhat manly for him and not too pearly or glamorous for me.

Now that we have dedicated ourselves to actually decorating and furnishing our living room, we’d love help! If you have any ideas, leave a comment below. We’d love any tips for décor, furniture, or DIY’s you might have.

Here’s what we have so far:

Our living room is a carpeted rectangle space with a painted brick fireplace, two column windows and a large opening to the adjacent dining room. 

A record-inspired canvas wall art from Bed, Bath & Beyond. We’re thinking about hanging it directly parallel to the entrance door.
A classic little black dress at a bar canvas wall art. While it fits our theme perfectly, we’re thinking about incorporating it more in the dining room space for the eventual bar area we want there.
We haven’t bought furniture yet, but we’re still looking. we’ve decided a turquoise/tiffany blue sleeper sofa will fit our theme and our needs. This one if from Wayfair.

We’re still at a loss for lighting fixtures, more wall art, tables, and other furniture that will give us that vintage hollywood theme without being too glitzy. More Audrey Hepburn – UNICEF ambassador and less Audrey Hepburn – Holly Golightly.

Here’s to making our living room livable!

-Wine on the Balcony

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