That Time I Broke into a Pool

I was 19 years old and at the highest point of my life (so far). It was end of semester 2014, sophomore year in college, and my social calendar was booked solid for the next four days. End of school parties, school events, birthday celebrations…To be honest, this is a weekend I don’t really remember.


It was my friend Yoli’s birthday, and being underage college students, we were being young and stupid by sneaking in alcohol to a carnival and having fun while discreetly drinking from our “water” bottles. As fun as that night was, we weren’t ready to slow down once the carnival closed at 10:00. In a Waffle-House-induced epiphany, two close friends of mine which includes my current-day roommate Geo, decided to combat the Texas heat and humidity by going swimming.

But where?

There was a community park with a pool near downtown that was hidden enough that we were sure nobody would drive by and see us. Parking the car, we realized that we were in non-sensible shoes and clothes about to attempt to scale a 10-foot fence while two of us were a little more than just inebriated (I was completely sober).


Climbing that fence was about as ridiculous and funny as you imagine it could be. It’s a surprise we didn’t attract attention with all our grunts and reckless laughing. Note to self: Don’t wear square toed boots while attempting to jump a fence. Be smart, kids!

By the time we all made it over, we never even considered what our clothes situation was going to be. It was too well-lit to go skinny dipping, not to mention all of us were more on the modest side to even try that together. Geo and I threw caution to the wind, and cannonballed in, shirts, jeans, and all.


Meanwhile my other friend who didn’t want the chlorine to ruin her clothes (admittedly, she was nicer dressed than we were), undressed down to her underwear than joined us in the deep end.

Were we having a shit ton of fun? Yes! Were we also incredibly paranoid the entire time? Duh!

I cracked jokes to ease my fear that in horror movies, it was always the half-naked girls who died first. Still, we were incredibly astonished that the three of us, who were traditionally “good kids” were actually doing this! We broke into a pool!

We left shortly after, realizing we didn’t want to push our luck. You can imagine how even more ridiculous we looked trying to climb back over the fence sopping wet.

My point of this story? Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules, and sometimes those nights become incredible memories that you’ll always treasure. Shortly afterwords, my friend messaged this picture to all of us, and it quickly became our life motto.


What about you? Any fun stories from when you’ve broken the rules, or just spent all night making memories? Let me know in the comments!

Cheers from the balcony!

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