Announcing the Summer 2017 Bucket List!

Technically, it’s not summer yet, but who cares! This will be my first summer as an adult with a full-time job with no actual time off and let’s be honest…that’s kind of depressing.

As someone who loves the summer vibes though, I’m excited to embark on my Summer 2017 bucket list adventure! Every year, I create an unofficial list (that never really gets done), but this year, I’m going to put it out for the internet to hold me accountable.

I’m setting the date of my summer challenge to begin May 19th – Let the games begin!



Feel free to join me in crossing items off the list, give me suggestions for more items, or just thrill me with exciting tales of how you’re going to spend your hotter days and longer nights! =)

-Cheers from the balcony 🍷

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