Top 5 Ultimate Summer Songs

There’s something about summer that makes me feel younger, stronger, and dare I say it, more passionate. The hot summer sun and cold refreshing beers are only made better with a killer summer soundtrack.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a long list of summer playlists, but here are my top five go-to summer tunes (in no particular order):

All Summer Long – Kid Rock

This song literally has summer in the name! It’s so quintessential summer with its perfect air-guitar rocking beat and storytelling lyrics of a carefree teenage summer romance. Seventeen and reckless is classic.

Springsteen – Eric Church

Eric Church is a lyrical genius. This song is one of my all-time favorites. Memories and music, love and passion, it’s so nostalgic to the perfect summer experiences of our youth, particularly our teenage ones and the people who made them special.

Hanging By A Moment – Lifehouse

To be honest, I feel like this song screams summer to me because of a memory I have. I was 17, driving my first car along a winding country road. The wind was blowing through the open windows and the sun was streaming through my sunroof, and this song made me feel completely free.

Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

There’s definitely a theme I’m unintentionally forming here. Young and infinite, this song is just so perfect for an epic summer video montage. This is one of those tracks you play when you’re packed in a car with friends late at night and blasting music with the windows down.

Time is Love – Josh Turner

Summer is a time for friends, family, and memories. While I love time to myself, there’s no place I’d rather be during summertime then next to the water with the people I love. Especially now as an “adult” where summer is scaled down to after 5:00 PM and weekends.

Comment your ultimate summer songs! And make sure to follow me to stay updated on my summer bucket list. I’ll be posting an update soon!


Wine on the Balcony

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