Summer ’17 Bucket List

Summer Seventeen Bucket List

Vertical-Image☐ Get a Tattoo
☐ Go Camping Overnight
☐ Swim at Night
☐ Turn Our Balcony Into a Summer Oasis
☐ Host a Summer Barbecue
☐ Attend a Music Festival
☐ Create My Summer Seventeen Playlist
☐ Go to an Art Exhibit
☐ Host a Themed Dinner Party
☐ Throw a Themed Party
☐ Try a style out of my comfort zone for a day
☐ Participate in a Short Fiction Contest
☐ Participate in a Photography Challenge
☐ Go to a Drive-in Movie Theater
☐ Go to a Museum
☐ Go to a wine tasting
☐ Roadtrip!
☐ Climb to the rooftop of my apartment building
☐ Go to a Zoo
☐ Pay it Forward for a stranger
☐ Watch a Movie on the Balcony
Go to Six Flags
☐ Go to the movie theater at least once a week
☐ Take an Instagram-worthy summer selfie
☐ Go roller blading
☐ Wreck-It Journal
☐ Go to a fair!
☐ Take a 23andMe Test
☐ Give my dog a genetic test
☐ Create my summer desktop background
☐ Get my hair professionally colored